We only use the best cleaning and sanitising products in the technical cleaning industry


We all know the employees’ wellness is extremely important, and clean working environments are a big contributory factor to that happening. You will have the peace of mind that Tech Cleaning Specialists Ltd are here to make your IT equipment and surfaces hygienically SAFE with correct sanitisation. We use only the highest quality products to make sure your tech environment is gleaming, shining and, most of all, safe for your employees to work in.



Since the Coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak, many businesses have been calling for their IT equipment to be tech cleaned on a more regular basis. We do more than just office cleaning, we computer clean your IT equipment where it matters the most.


To meet the required legislation, we always ensure we have adequate PPE for every task we perform.


All tech cleaning technicians are Enhanced DBS checked.

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We're excited to be rolling out our new exclusive service as we've recently partnered up with InfectProtect Ltd. The antimicrobial coating can be easily applied to almost any surface.


As it dries, it creates a bed of positively charged nanospikes which work 24/7 to attract and kill negatively charged pathogens for up to 90 days. Therefore, as pathogens are killed as they land on the coated surfaces, this significantly reduces the potential for contact spreading. Unlike other antimicrobial coatings which leach chemicals out to kill viruses, InfectProtect Ltd. coating kills mechanically, and as shown by their cytotoxicity tests, proving it is harmless to human health.


This antimicrobial coating has been rigorously tested in a certified lab in the UK, not only to prove it kills bacteria and enveloped viruses including strains of the coronavirus, MRSA, Influenza H1N1 just to name a few.


Standards InfectProtect Ltd. have been tested against include:

1. ISO 21702:219 - Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics na other non-porous surfaces

2. EN 14476 - Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area (phase 2, step 1)

3. ISO 18184:2019 - Textiles - Determination of antiviral activity of textile products - On a Feline Coronavirus, Strain Munich 

4. ISO 10093-5: 2009 - Cytotoxicity test to show the product is non-toxic to humans 

5. The active ingredient has passed all four stages of OEKA-TEX; their main focus is making sure that substances are harmless to the human health

6. Rot resistance Soil Burial Text BS 6085:1992 - recognised to be the most severe biological exposure for products. The products are coated with the antimicrobial coating and buried in a soil bed for a period of 28 days at a continued temperature of 30 degrees. After 28 days the various items with their coating on either maintained between 98% and 100% protection. 

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