Why should you consider professional IT peripheral deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning of your IT regularly ensures that your work environment is safe for your employees to work in. We can hygienically clean any IT that is being used frequently to minimise transmission and growth of bacteria and viruses. Our services can benefit a range of industries where there is an interaction between customers or colleagues, for example: office environments, retail and leisure industry as well as controlled room environments such as data centres.

How is our deep cleaning carried out?

Our professional deep cleaning targets all crevices and surfaces of IT devices killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Amongst other cleaners we also use a 70% Isopropyl alcohol because it is the best at very rapidly killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Isopropyl attacks and destroys the envelope protein that surrounds some viruses, including coronaviruses (SARS, MERS, COVID 19).

We remove dirt and dust which gathers on the periphery (external part) of your IT equipment using compressed air/vacuuming (HEPA technology). The HEPA filter separates out up to 99.995% of small particles that can cause damage to electronics and adversely affect people with severe allergies.

Every job is completed with a final anti-static treatment. Anti-static treatment for IT and floors helps to prevent an electrical static discharge and minimise dirt and dust settling attaching itself to the surfaces.

Floors always vacuumed as standard

Using HEPA filtered technology in our vacuum cleaners, making sure as much of the dust particles are trapped in the immediate area we are tech cleaning in.

Anti-static carpet treatment

An anti-static carpet cleaning helps to prevent an electrical static discharge and prevent re-soiling from footwear and heavy traffic.

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Keep your small desk equipment virus and bacteria free


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Deep cleaning for data centres

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professional IT deep cleaning

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